Benefits of a Roof Garden

Of course, all of us have roofs on our houses, but how many of us utilize this space for more benefits aside from utilizing the shelter it gives? The modern architectural design, landscape architects, and property owners have now been discovering other functions that our roof can do. Yes, aside from the traditional front yard landscaping, rood gardening and landscaping is now popular in urban places especially in residential buildings and apartments. Why is it so?  

Roof gardens, also known as eco-roof, has ecological, economic, societal, and personal benefits. A green roof purifies the air in the area, reduces the ambient temperature, provides a rainwater buffer, saves energy, regulates indoor temperature, provides more aesthetics, and encourages biodiversity in the urban area. Below is the elaboration of the benefits that the eco-roof gives. 


  1. It purifies the air in the area

We know how city life can be a bit stressful, with fewer greens to see. All you can observe are tall buildings and a lot of personal and public vehicles scattered on the streets. Compared to the rural area, a city can be more polluted to lesser trees and plants. Having an eco-roof solves this problem. The plants and trees on your roof filter particulate matter from the air and convert it into oxygen.  


  1. It substantially increases your property’s value

Independent research shows that a green roof adds up to 25% of value to a property especially in high-end neighborhoods. What makes this possible is that it provides a functional area that can be both pleasing to the eyes and functional to use.  


  1. It effectively reduces the ambient temperature

The earth is warming, and with no more trees to provide us shade in the city area, a roof garden solves the problem. Plants are known to absorb sunlight; 50 % of which is absorbed while 30% of the light is reflected. Your HVAC does not need to work very hard under a hot climate because your roof garden already regulates the temperature in your house, reducing the energy consumption and bills. Imagine if every roof in each building has an eco- garden, this effectively lowers down the area’s hot temperature. 


  1. It serves as a buffer for the rainwater

The plants in your green roof efficiently absorb water and at the same time this water is absorbed by the water buffering in the plant, substrate and drainage layer. It purifies the rainwater and slows down the flow into the sewage system, reducing the chances of flooding. 


5.Reduces stress 

As mentioned, city life is more stressful and noisier than the rural life, with no greens to see; only tall buildings. Your green roof can provide you the calm color of green that alleviates stress – the same soothing effect that you get when you connect with nature.  


Other benefits of a green roof: 

  • Offers a healing environment 
  • Creates a fire-resistant later 
  • Increases biodiversity 
  • Extends the life of your roof 
  • Effectively reduces ambient noise both on the inside and outside the building 
  • Increases the efficiency of solar panels. 
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Creating an Excellent First Impression Using Your Landscape

Have you ever considered what the first thing that visitors see whenever they approach your home? For those who don’t know, it is your landscape. Before you get the chance to welcome your friends, guests, and visitors, the condition of your landscape will greet them first.  

Fortunately, you can create an excellent first impression using your landscape. There are a lot of curb appeal ideas out there that you can use to change the look of your home. Here are several tips that you can follow: 

Improved Lighting 

To ensure security and safety, you have to ensure that your property is well lit at all times. By utilizing LED setups and other outdoor materials that keep the spotlight on your home, you can make lighting part of your overall landscaping Birmingham MI design. For individuals, improved visibility will make an excellent first impression. The reason for this is that it takes out every speculation of looking for you. It also makes your guests feel more secure and safe and illuminates the elegance of your landscape. 

Create Pathways 

If you create pathways to the door, you can show your guests and visitors where to go. Your landscape generates an excellent chance to utilize shrubs and flowers to line the walkways if your home is surrounded by a lush shrubbery. This will guide your visitors and guests to your front door. In addition to that, they will feel more welcome because of it. To make sure you have the highest safety as they walk on your property, it is a must that you keep the pathways clear and maintained.  


A landscape that is well-maintained will drastically make an impact. It will tell an individual a lot about your home and the people who are living in it. In addition to that, you can improve the visibility of your home and shows visitors and guests that you care about their safety, their experience, and their impression if you have a well-maintained landscape. Furthermore, it also reflects the care that you put into your business or home if you keep up with landscape maintenance. It drastically improves the curb appeal of your home and goes a long way in improving the beauty of your neighborhood.  

A Place to Relax 

Using accents, furniture, and features like patios or fountains, you can easily produce a comfortable area for relaxation. To add to the charm of your outdoor area, you can bring several conventionally-indoor items. This includes pendant light fixtures and pillows.  

Grow a Flower Bed 

A well-cared flower bed will easily brighten your house. You can plant shrubs and seasonal blooms. These will generate an eye-catching and welcoming visual aspect to finish the exterior look of your property. For a professional feel and look, do not be afraid to mix and match plant heights, sizes, and colors. To help generate a beautiful tidy appearance, prevent weeds, and preserve mulch, don’t forget to add a fresh layer of mulch. This will certainly delight any person looking at your property from the outside.  


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