5 Women Who Dominated the Martial Arts World

In the male-dominated world of martial arts, women have finally entered this world of fighting, making themselves prominent year after year. Because of this more and more schools like the Washington Kung Fu Club and others have opened their doors to female martial artists. The following are the five prominent female fighters in martial arts.  

1.Ronda Rousey  

Ronda Rousey started as a judoka athlete before going into MMA and became one of the famous female pro-MMA fighters. She started martial arts with the influence of her mother who was also a Judi champion to cope with her childhood frustrations.  


When she was 16 years old, she won the half-middleweight division championship and claimed the gold medal at the World Junior Championships in 2004, and Pan American Judo Championship where she defended it later in 2006. Unfortunately, in 2007, she only won second place and became the first American woman to win medals at the championship within 12 years. She also won the Pan American games despite having a knee injury. She finally retired after she won a bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics, garnering 46 medals in her entire judo fights. 


In 2010, she joined MMA and won her first fight as an amateur. She made her first pro-MMA fight in 2012 after dislocating her opponent’s elbow. She has become the UFC Bantamweight Champion and already has modeled several magazines. 


2.Lucia Rijker 

Lucia Rikjker was known as a Lady Tyson, the Dutch Destroyer, and the Most Dangerous Woman in the World. It is believed that her punches are harder than an average male MMA fighter, which made her championed the kickboxing and boxing sports from the year 1980s until the 2000s, having 49 knockouts.  


She was one of the greatest women fighters that ever existed. In fact, the ever-famous Ronda Rousey hired Rijker as her personal coach in 2012. 


3.Gina Carano 

Gina started her career in martial arts after being recruited by her then-boyfriend Kevin Ross who is a professional Muay Thai fighter and was trained under Master Toddy. She then became the first American woman who won a Muay Thai title in Thailand with a 14-1-1 record.  


4.Cecilia Braekhus 

Cecilia Braekhus started her martial arts career as a kickboxer and later became a boxer in Norway when she was still 14 years old. Since then, she was able to win many world championships 


5.Tae Yun Kim 

The first woman to be able to attain the status of a grandmaster in Taekwondo was born in a shack and was abandoned when she was five years old.  


She was introduced to taekwondo by her uncle, but because the sport was dominated by males, her interest in a martial art was never taken seriously by her male counterparts. She begged and they finally trained her, paving her way on attaining a black belt in Taekwondo and a Grandmaster title in the said martial art.  


When she moved to America at the age of 20, she practiced a new discipline called Jung Suwon.  


Some women who are noteworthy to acknowledge besides what we mentioned above include Keiko Fukuda, Angela Lee, Mackenzie Dern, Amanda Nunes, and many more. While it is true that since ancient history, the male has been dominating the world of martial arts, women of today have proven that they, too, are so much capable in the area world.  



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Benefits of a Roof Garden

Of course, all of us have roofs on our houses, but how many of us utilize this space for more benefits aside from utilizing the shelter it gives? The modern architectural design, landscape architects, and property owners have now been discovering other functions that our roof can do. Yes, aside from the traditional front yard landscaping, rood gardening and landscaping is now popular in urban places especially in residential buildings and apartments. Why is it so?  

Roof gardens, also known as eco-roof, has ecological, economic, societal, and personal benefits. A green roof purifies the air in the area, reduces the ambient temperature, provides a rainwater buffer, saves energy, regulates indoor temperature, provides more aesthetics, and encourages biodiversity in the urban area. Below is the elaboration of the benefits that the eco-roof gives. 


  1. It purifies the air in the area

We know how city life can be a bit stressful, with fewer greens to see. All you can observe are tall buildings and a lot of personal and public vehicles scattered on the streets. Compared to the rural area, a city can be more polluted to lesser trees and plants. Having an eco-roof solves this problem. The plants and trees on your roof filter particulate matter from the air and convert it into oxygen.  


  1. It substantially increases your property’s value

Independent research shows that a green roof adds up to 25% of value to a property especially in high-end neighborhoods. What makes this possible is that it provides a functional area that can be both pleasing to the eyes and functional to use.  


  1. It effectively reduces the ambient temperature

The earth is warming, and with no more trees to provide us shade in the city area, a roof garden solves the problem. Plants are known to absorb sunlight; 50 % of which is absorbed while 30% of the light is reflected. Your HVAC does not need to work very hard under a hot climate because your roof garden already regulates the temperature in your house, reducing the energy consumption and bills. Imagine if every roof in each building has an eco- garden, this effectively lowers down the area’s hot temperature. 


  1. It serves as a buffer for the rainwater

The plants in your green roof efficiently absorb water and at the same time this water is absorbed by the water buffering in the plant, substrate and drainage layer. It purifies the rainwater and slows down the flow into the sewage system, reducing the chances of flooding. 


5.Reduces stress 

As mentioned, city life is more stressful and noisier than the rural life, with no greens to see; only tall buildings. Your green roof can provide you the calm color of green that alleviates stress – the same soothing effect that you get when you connect with nature.  


Other benefits of a green roof: 

  • Offers a healing environment 
  • Creates a fire-resistant later 
  • Increases biodiversity 
  • Extends the life of your roof 
  • Effectively reduces ambient noise both on the inside and outside the building 
  • Increases the efficiency of solar panels. 
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How to Prepare Your Property for Spring Cleanup?

While we’re in the middle of the cold and freezing season, the last thing that probably comes to mind is spring cleaning. Actually, now is the best time to start considering this idea. Preparing and planning for spring cleaning in the middle of the winter season indicate that once the weather starts to get warm, you will not need to spend most of your time just cleaning up your home. The solution to an effective spring cleaning is preparation. So, we have come up with some of the beneficial steps to prepare your property for a spring cleanup.

Make a plan 

If you want to prepare a successful cleaning this spring, you should come up with a plan about the things you need to clean and the things that you would like to dispose of. In spring cleanings, the ultimate goal would be to declutter, vacuum, sweep, scrape, disinfect, mop, and dust. You can start tagging the materials that you want to dispose of before springtime. This way, you’ll determine what goes and what you will keep when spring comes. Consider items such as faded and old curtains that should be replaced, a chair or sofa that has visible springs or sags too much if you sit on them, and even your old exercise equipment that’s in disrepair or unused could be tossed into your dumpster unit. Knowing the number of items you’ve tagged can help you decide on the size of the dumpster that you want to rent this coming spring. 

Check your house 

In order to actually be successful in your spring cleanout project, it is really a must to plan everything—even the slightest details. Determine what day/days you plan to perform this entire cleaning project you have, who will be involved in the process, and consider the time that’s needed for you to complete your project and this can depend on how large is your home. Decide which cleaning solutions and supplies you will use and make sure to buy them on time to prevent delays and hassle. 

Assess your detectors 

As you start your spring cleanout, it would be the best time to do some necessary repairs and replacement. Checking your home in advance of your spring cleaning must include inspecting the carbon dioxide detectors and smoke detectors, which must be on top of your list. If you’ve observed that such units are malfunctioning, it would be recommended to dispose of them and replace them. You do not need to wait for spring to come for you to do this crucial task. 

Check your ceiling 

Making sure that your roof is not leaking is one of the vital things that can assure that your home is still in great condition. Once your roofs are leaking, it could result in mold and rotten wood in your place. Hence, you should take a look at every room you have and check its ceiling if they have signs of leaky roofs. If so, you should consider to re-shingle your roofing during spring. For an efficient reroofing project, it’s best to rent a dumpster unit from Mass Dumpster Rental. 

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Advantages of Pediatric Oral or Dental Care

There’s no better time than right now to begin practicing your children’s proper dental hygiene when talking about the health of your kid’s primary teeth. As a matter of fact, pediatric dental care specialists make sure that the primary teeth of your child remain healthy and free of tooth decay and any other diseases. 

Good Oral Hygiene for Children 

good oral hygiene actually begins as early as the infancy stage. Whether you are bottle feeding or breast feeding, you should start incorporating some kind of oral hygiene regimen as early as possible. Prior to any eruption of teeth, wipe down the gums of your kid with the use of a soft, wet washcloth or simply gauze. once their teeth start to come in, have them clean every now and then. Using the appropriate set of tools is very important for this everyday ritual. For instance, it is very essential to buy a toothbrush specifically designed for infants, that has a smaller head part, for their little mouths.  

However, if you’ve not performed anything yet, you should make sure that your kid has his or her first visit to the dentist as soon as possible (ideally before your kid turns 1 to 2 years old). Your pediatric dental specialist will definitely keep the teeth of your child healthy by getting rid of the food debris and plaque build-up which can be stuck in their teeth. It is also a very crucial part of any dental care since it prevents bad bacteria from growing in numbers, which can actually lead to other oral diseases such as inflammation of the tissues or tooth decay. Having said that, you should always make your regular pediatric dental visits a fun adventure which often yields some kind of tooth-friendly reward. 

Pediatric Dental Care Tips 

A pediatric dental specialist gives you some professional tips on how to care for the teeth of your children at home. They will typically teach you the basics and that include the right way to brush your kid’s teeth and floss, as well as give you added information of the teeth of your kid. Another topic that is basically addressed is the eating habits of your kid and what parents must do in order to help protect the teeth and gums of their kids.  

As a general rule, parents must avoid foods rich in starch and sugar. Aside from that, your kid must not go to sleep with a milk or juice in their bottle or even while breastfeeding. Your kid’s primary teeth are very essential. Developmental stages which are imperative the future dental health of your child depends on them. Pediatric dentistry gives the parents a guide for dental care so that they’ll have outstanding hygiene as they grow old. 

A lot of kids fear any dental specialist like pediatric dentists Washington TWP because of a terrifying first checkup. The first visit will definitely have a big impact on how your kid feels about the dental specialist, therefore, it is very important to take the needed steps in order to have a successful pediatric visit. 


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Creating an Excellent First Impression Using Your Landscape

Have you ever considered what the first thing that visitors see whenever they approach your home? For those who don’t know, it is your landscape. Before you get the chance to welcome your friends, guests, and visitors, the condition of your landscape will greet them first.  

Fortunately, you can create an excellent first impression using your landscape. There are a lot of curb appeal ideas out there that you can use to change the look of your home. Here are several tips that you can follow: 

Improved Lighting 

To ensure security and safety, you have to ensure that your property is well lit at all times. By utilizing LED setups and other outdoor materials that keep the spotlight on your home, you can make lighting part of your overall landscaping Birmingham MI design. For individuals, improved visibility will make an excellent first impression. The reason for this is that it takes out every speculation of looking for you. It also makes your guests feel more secure and safe and illuminates the elegance of your landscape. 

Create Pathways 

If you create pathways to the door, you can show your guests and visitors where to go. Your landscape generates an excellent chance to utilize shrubs and flowers to line the walkways if your home is surrounded by a lush shrubbery. This will guide your visitors and guests to your front door. In addition to that, they will feel more welcome because of it. To make sure you have the highest safety as they walk on your property, it is a must that you keep the pathways clear and maintained.  


A landscape that is well-maintained will drastically make an impact. It will tell an individual a lot about your home and the people who are living in it. In addition to that, you can improve the visibility of your home and shows visitors and guests that you care about their safety, their experience, and their impression if you have a well-maintained landscape. Furthermore, it also reflects the care that you put into your business or home if you keep up with landscape maintenance. It drastically improves the curb appeal of your home and goes a long way in improving the beauty of your neighborhood.  

A Place to Relax 

Using accents, furniture, and features like patios or fountains, you can easily produce a comfortable area for relaxation. To add to the charm of your outdoor area, you can bring several conventionally-indoor items. This includes pendant light fixtures and pillows.  

Grow a Flower Bed 

A well-cared flower bed will easily brighten your house. You can plant shrubs and seasonal blooms. These will generate an eye-catching and welcoming visual aspect to finish the exterior look of your property. For a professional feel and look, do not be afraid to mix and match plant heights, sizes, and colors. To help generate a beautiful tidy appearance, prevent weeds, and preserve mulch, don’t forget to add a fresh layer of mulch. This will certainly delight any person looking at your property from the outside.  


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Precautionary Measures When Having Appliances

As we all know appliances has been already common to see with us nowadays for this tends to be one of the entertainers that we know that is easily accessed. Appliances in which is portable and we carry it in almost every day of our life like cellphones and other things that we could easily access and give some entertainment. Since we are considering this as one of the things that we are carrying in almost every day because of its uses we should consider what are the things we must do. Things that are needed to be put in mind in almost every time we are carrying this kind of things that could not just give us some entertainments.

Birmingham Appliances

Same as another thing when this kind of things tends to be used in almost every day that we are doing something like going to school or doing some assignments. We should know what are the things that this could affect us and what are the things that are needed to in order to know what are the precautionary measures. That is why some people tend to be calling some professional and experts in order to help you with the things that you needed like giving you advice on this matter. Birmingham appliances are one of our partner companies that are expert and professional enough to help you in the situation that you are in, so you should call them!

Having different types of appliances tends to be needing some different types of precautionary measures that you will consider in it when you are planning on using it on time. That is why when you are planning on having some cellphone in which is common to see in almost every people that are living in the entirety of the world. You should consider knowing what are the things that you needed to do when you are handling such powerful technology in your pocket, hands and even your bags in. You must know what are the things that are needed to do when something specific happened to you within the time that you are using this kind of technology in.

When you own something that you cannot carry easily then you must consider knowing how to maintain it and using it properly in order to prolong its service to you. Like speakers and television, these two are one of the common things that you can see in households and other places in order to give us the entertainments we wanted. That is why when you are handling such things you should consider cleaning it properly and using it properly in order to use is even more than what you expect. Always remember to know when you should consider going to experts and know what are your limitations in order to maintain the safeties and the things that are related to your life.

Always remember that when you are planning on having some appliances you should really know some precautionary measures.

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The Truth and Myth behind Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants a set of pearly white teeth but it is something that’s not easily obtained. There are a lot of products currently available to aid in teeth whitening. Because there are different methods to teeth whitening these days and it’s getting more and more confusing which one to choose.

Dentist Near Me

It seems like when you read magazines every day, there is a new teeth whitening method suggested and it actually promises better results. First, there was the use of charcoals. Now, it’s turmeric. Furthermore, there are the natural teeth whitening methods that a lot of experts swore by. It’s time that you know what’s true and what’s not when it comes to teeth whitening.

Fact versus Fiction

Who doesn’t want a beautiful smile? That’s the main reason why people are ready to try the newest teeth whitening trend today. However, will they really deliver their promise of a healthy set of teeth? Here’s a rundown of the most common natural teeth whiteners used today.

1. Fruits

They say that acidic fruits, such as oranges, lemons, and apple, as well as those that contain digestive enzymes, like mango and pineapples, are helpful in whitening the teeth. The truth is that the acid in fruits actually wears away the outer coating of the teeth, which is called the enamel. Your teeth may look white but without that thin coating, your tooth becomes more sensitive to hot and warm sensations. You’re also at the higher risks of getting cavities.

2. Scrubs

The use of scrubs is yet another popular way to whiten your teeth. Here is where the use of activated charcoal and baking soda comes in. Sometimes, baking soda is added to hydrogen peroxide to increase the effects. However, there is little to no evidence showing that these things are effective and safe for use on teeth.

Like the citrus fruits, scrubbing your teeth away with charcoal and baking soda may only wear away the enamel. Worse, these compounds may expose the dentin, which is a yellowish tissue that covers the teeth. As a result, your teeth may look yellow than white with prolonged use. If you really want to go this route, be sure that you do it temporarily only. Don’t use it continually and always choose the products that have the seal of the dentists.

3. Spices and Oils

Coconut oil pulling and the use of spices are also getting quite popular as far as whitening the teeth is concerned. Again, these methods don’t have adequate scientific evidence showing that they work. It’s best that you use these oils and spices to make healthier meals instead.

Best Way to Whiten Teeth

The best way to whiten your teeth is to ask your dentist about it. If you don’t have a family dentist yet, ask the all-important question, “Who is the best dentist near me?” Ask family and friends for a referral or if you’re new to the city and don’t know anybody yet, try to do a quick search of who the most reputable dentists in your location are. That should be good enough to get you started on the right path.

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Top Attitudes that a Car Rental Driver Should Have

It is not good to compare one service company to another service rental agency as they have different prices and caliber when it comes to giving services to their clients. Of course, it is similar also to the employees working in their company as not everyone could be the same when it comes to giving satisfying experience to the customers. Some people would not only consider the feature of different the cars that they are going to rent but also to the driver who is going to drive for them. Others would even check the capability of the driver in order to make sure that they can drive well and nothing would happen to them so they will check www.limopcb.com.

Car Rental

A lot of people are very worried about the safety that they would face whenever they have the trip with that certain company as they want to have experienced one. If the company has good kinds of cars and different great features in their cars then they should have a well-trained person to drive and be safe when using it. So, the next time you get a car rental service with a driver make sure to interview or get the skill certification of that person to be confident about him. Here are some of the top attitudes that you need to consider before you get the car rental services and with the driver to make sure of the everyone’s safety.

Drivers should have a valid certification or commonly called the driver’s license that will tell that you are capable of driving this kind of car and have the special skills. Different kinds of cities would have different kinds of city rules and laws when it comes to getting the licensed as some need to pass the exam or practical test. He or she must not have any criminal offense in the past years and records about driving misbehavior and this will be found in the record of the company’s office. You may check it with the company or call their previous employer to check and make sure that you hire the best person to drive with your family or friends.

Professional limo drivers or any car rental drivers would wear a proper uniform whenever they drive their clients to the destination eve it is just for a short distant travel. They have the special training to communicate with the respected clients and how to get along well with them for example, the client is not in the mood or angry. A good type of chauffeur is being on time and should not be late no matter what to give a good and satisfying service to the people or to customers. They have a good attitude towards about difficult situations like there is an accident or when they meet traffic jams and need to g out of this difficult situation.

You could do a background check about that certain driver or the person who is going to assist you during the tour.

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Reasons Why It’s Important to Hire a Professional Interior Designer

Professional and experienced interior designers can be able to give you the wow factor that you have been looking for. As a matter of fact, professional interior designers are trained to think artistically, spatially, differently and conceptually, in order to see an overall picture that a lot of clients tend to miss. Thinking outside and inside of the box is also what professional interior designers do. Interior designer professionals can be able to give you a quality and professional view of your current situation, which will lead you to a solid and dependable plan of action.

Hire a Professional

Usually, the design plan order is the basis to determine what should be edited as well as what are the things that can be re-purposed. Furthermore, that professional assessment of interior designer experts will also help you on spending wisely as well as efficiently while you are on a budget. This can offer a well-trained professional to notice and see the things that you might not. It may sound strange that using the professional services of someone in order to decorate your house would save you money since when you need to hire an interior designer expert, you will have to pay for an additional fee.

But the fact is that, professional interior designers can help you save money since they have the ability to make good and solid decisions that can help in increasing the value of your property. Interior designer professionals can also help you stick on your budget while helping you save time and effort, but still coming up with a dependable and detailed planning. And interior designer professional also knows where to get resources for almost anything that’s related to the improvement of your home that can also help you save an endless amount of money and time when it comes to researching about the prices, brands and products.

In addition to that, interior designer experts also have all the resources ready on hand and when there comes a time that it is necessary to research for a certain product or service that is necessary for the improvement of your home, the professional interior designer will also be the one to do all the research tasks for you. An interior designer expert will also be able to professionally communicate between you as well as your architect, contractor or builder early on and he or she can also head off the missed design in your overall plan, which in turn will help you save money and time during the entire home renovation or building process.

Aside from that, interior designers are also trained to think about things that an average home owner might overlook since it is very important that the furnishing and lighting needs are addressed prior to construction. Interior designer professionals also have access to a lot of things that are not always available to an average homeowner or in general public when it comes to resources, connections, as well as a general merchandise. Thus, hiring an interior designer professional for the Fort Collins kitchen design gives you access to their vast resources that can help you make your space unique, collective as well as pulled together.

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Tree Care for When There is A Storm Brewing

When storm seasons is here, there are a couple of preparations that needs to be done. Not all owners would prefer their trees removed from the property. Some, like the plants to be where it is and if that is your choice then you don’t have to despair over it. You should call a tree service Greensboro NC to help you along with things.

It is easier for people to make a decision if there are professionals giving them some advice. However, if you don’t have that luxury here are some of the things that you can do to make sure that your tree is well taken care of. Don’t worry you and the tree will survive the storm with minimal damages.

Storm Brewing

  1. The whole thing starts not when the storm is here, tree care doesn’t even start when it is tall and looming, It starts when it is just a sprout fighting to grow strong. This means that you have to make sure that what you’re planting is something that could survive the topography of your area.
    Learn what you need about each type of tree you would be planting or even trees that is already there. These helps to make sure that you have the right resources to do the right thing. It makes for an easier decision on what is the right thing to do. So, make sure to hire the right ones who would do you good rather than scam you.
  2. You should help the tree when need, if it needs to be anchored for whatever reason, you should have someone do that. If it needs a bit of trimming and pruning it could be a good idea if you do it too. Just make sure that if you don’t know the first thing about it, you should get a professional to do it for you.
    It is important that you are able to make the choice of doing the right thing with the tree service. If you don’t do this, you can damage the tree and the integrity of the plant can be jeopardized beyond repair. So, check it out before anything.
  3. Also be honest with yourself, if that tree is more of an aesthetic it may be time to let it go. It is much safer if you do this. Some trees aren’t safe to be so closed to settlements, so that should be something to be talked about. More than anything really, something that could be considered to be a danger to humans should be ridden off of.

In conclusion to the points of this article, tree care for when there is a storm brewing in the horizon is easy. You just have to see if it is safe for you and others. You have to be sure that it won’t fall in someone’s home, or be unsecure. If you are not sure about what should be done, calling a professional for help can be a way for you to go.

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